The images are the stories, now from London

Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

Dutch interior

At the Tassenmuseum, Amsterdam,

Tea time at the Museum of bags and purses, Amsterdam

Urban nature in museums - Stedelijk front plaza

Exhibition at Met: "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible conversations"

Valencia (Spain) walking within museums and architecture

The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum launched

Just launched the Valentino Garavani archives and virtual museum!

The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum is an unprecedented digital fashion experience showcasing five decades of fashion history.

There is a quick start link at the botom of page with instructions of use and navigation, but to watch images you would have to download an application and then launch it.

After downloading the desktop application each visitor can create their unique route through the galleries, to discover and enjoy every aspect of Valentino’s extraordinary world

It is an experience somehow between 3D, video game and virtuality, that tries to implement the visit with documentation and general information on the couture house, the personality of the designer/couturier and the work of the firm along the years.  Though in principel very interesting, I am not sure if the idea of “playing” with an external application would encourage visitors, but the concept is according with times and online living of many projects.  No news about the possibility of a physical museum to be soon a reality.

Here is the video at the Valentino youtube channel from the press conference for the official presentation in New York: “… Valentino is available to masses ….., welcome to future ……” Anne Hathaway, presenter of the event with participation of many personalities, among them was Amit Sood, creator of Google Art Project.

Urban farming in a museum

I am currently working on documenting a “green construction” of a building conceived as a work of art to be settled in the outdoor space of an art center (will post about it soon) and when doing some reasearch on the topic, I came across the exhibit named Public Farm 1 in P.S.1, that opened in mid 2008.

The concept designed by WORK Architecture was about : 

Public Farm 1 will function as an urban farm while providing an outdoor social space for the summer.  …..   P.F.1’s intent is to educate thousands of visitors on sustainable urban farming through the unique medium of contemporary architecture.

It looked an experiment between ecology, urbanism and architecture, but all based in a museum space.

V & A museum, London video channel

It is becoming more usual that museums open their own news pages via a video channel in their website.  A good example is the V&A Museum, London

Apps from Musee des Instruments (Brussels)

The Musée des Instruments de Musique (MIM) in Brussels offer an opportunity to hear music outside of the building in an installation about musical chairs, a site located just in front of the main entrance of the museum and that needs the use of application for smartphones.  The signal between the chair explains  how to activate the application and listen to “the instrument of the month”.

View of the location of “musical chairs”